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Fresh ingredients delivery

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Order online and receive your order fresh within a few hours.

Same-Day Delivery

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Fresh and High Quality

Always fresh and  the highest quality from Jaffan suppliers.

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Jaffa's Finest

We source unique ingredients that can only be found in Jaffa.


 About Jaffa Foodie

yaffa Jaffafoodie

We are Jaffa Foodie.


The best food delivery from Jaffa to Tel Aviv.

​We deliver the most authentic and fresh ingredients from Jaffa to your doorstep.

Order fresh meats, fish and much more unique food from Jaffa’s markets and ports. 

We connect you with generations of knowledge and pride.


Get to know the best best fishermen, butchers, grocers and produce providers with the expertise and passion for what they do every day.

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